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The Six Facets of Health

Man and woman runningExercise

Exercise is critical because it restores and maintains your body’s natural health and wellness. It is emphasized in our second and third phases of your individual treatment plan. We design a personalized exercise program for you combining…

Stretching to increase the range of your joints and the length of your muscles. That allows you to move easier and with less pain.

Strengthening to improve your muscle tone, balance and bone strength. That gives you the strength to do the things you love to do.

Proprioceptive Reconditioning to improve your spinal balance, core muscles and posture. That empowers you to feel more connected to the ground, reduces the possibility that you will fall and have an injury, and reduces the stress you feel in your muscles.

Cardiovascular exercises are exercises that increase your heart rate and increase the blood circulation throughout the body. Cardiovascular exercises will improve your heart health and boost your metabolism.

Woman eating an appleNutrition

Nutrition means that you eat the right foods and take the right supplements. This provides you with the right building blocks to repair injuries and restore wellness. Eating our anti-inflammation diet reduces both the pain from inflammation and the chance you will suffer from chronic diseases associated with age. We coach you to eat the right foods and take the best supplements.

Woman doing yogaPosture

Good posture is essential for reducing pain and for good health. Your head must be balanced over the shoulders and your shoulders must be balanced over the pelvis. When you learn proper posture you will look and feel better by reducing the stresses on your spine, nervous system and muscles. We help you discover how to keep your body in the right posture at all times.

Woman rubbing her neck and backSleep

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep… and sleep is important for your body to heal quickly. Do you ever wake up with aches and pains feeling like you haven’t rested well? The problem is most likely the mattress and pillow you sleep on. A critical component of getting good sleep is having the right mattress and pillow support. We assist you to find the pillow and mattress that is best for your body and the way you sleep.

Women smiling while drivingAttitude

A positive mental attitude will restore your health faster… and a positive mental attitude comes from the way you interpret day to day events in your life. We give you proven strategies to foster a positive, can-win attitude about your life.

Dr. Erin adjusting man's backA Balanced Spine

A healthy, well-functioning nervous system sends messages to all parts of the body that tell your tissues and organs how to work properly… and the key to your nervous system functioning at 100% is a balanced spine. We provide you with routine chiropractic evaluations and adjustments to ensure the vertebrae in your spine are well balanced and aligned.  This means you will feel better and move easily and without pain.

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